Webflow vs Squarespace: Which is Right For Your Business?

Last updated: Aug 31, 2023
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Webflow vs Squarespace: Which is Right For Your Business?

All types of businesses need a website these days, not just ecommerce businesses. The question is which platform businesses are going to use to develop their site and where they are going to host it.

In this article, we’re going to look at two popular platforms for easily creating websites without having to code. We’ll look at Webflow vs. Squarespace, the pros and cons of each, the features and pricing of each platform, and the target audience for each site. By the end, we’re sure that one of these platforms can help you build and launch your next website.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a customizable content management system (CMS), which means it has servers that host content such as text, images, and videos that may make up a standard website. It is also a visual web development platform that allows users to develop their sites without having to know how to code or how to write HTML or CSS. A powerful drag-and-drop editor lets anyone create websites from scratch.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace provides website building and hosting services, just like Webflow. It allows users to make use of ready-made templates, which reduces the need for coding and building a site from scratch. Users can modify their sites which they’ve started from templates. Drag-and-drop elements can be moved around, added, or removed. Like Webflow, Squarespace also offers hosting.

Comparing Webflow and Squarespace

We've looked at several key metrics and how each website builder stacks up. Depending on the business and website needs, one platform might perform better than the other.

Ease of use

Because of its simple interface and drag-and-drop functionality, Squarespace is very easy to use for beginners and people without much website design experience. Users without much experience in general can take advantage of ready-made website templates that can be used right off the shelf or can be further customized to a degree.

Webflow lets users start from a blank slate, unimpeded by the restrictions of templates that are not fully customizable. With the right team of website builders and designers, like the teams we have here at Belt Creative, almost anything is possible as far as website design. We can create the site you need based on your feedback. It couldn’t be easier than that as far as ease of use.


Getting started with a template is a great way to hit the ground running as far as website design goes. But how much of the site can be customized to make it unique to the business and its customers?

While Squarespace allows users to get started with templates, Webflow allows you to start with a blank canvas, allowing true customization and creative freedom. Without templates, almost any kind of site can be created from scratch. Templates are still available on Webflow, however, for a quicker and easier start. Unlike Squarespace, Webflow’s templates are fully customizable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website designers need to look ahead beyond just designing their site and getting it hosted. They need to consider how search engines are going to view their site and provide impressions for search engine users. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Website content can be optimized for search engines using such tactics as keyword optimization, alt text for images, metadata, and snippets.

Both Webflow and Squarespace have built-in SEO features and digital marketing tools that can help get websites noticed by search engines. On-page SEO lets users know how well their site is optimized for search engines. Meta titles and tags can be easily edited to include keywords and a good site description to allow search engine users to find the site more easily.

Ecommerce capabilities

One of the most important capabilities for many online businesses is the ability to sell their products on their site. This is true for ecommerce businesses but also other types of businesses that may want to sell digital or physical products on their site.

Squarespace has ecommerce capabilities starting at the Business plan at $23 per month. Webflow’s ecommerce plans start at $29 per month. Using both Webflow and Squarespace, products can be listed and sold on websites with checkouts enabled for transactions, which incur an additional transaction fee.

The lowest-tier Webflow ecommerce plan has a 2% transaction fee, compared to 3% per transaction for the Squarespace Business plan. A 0% transaction fee is available at the Squarespace commerce tiers.


New businesses may be especially price-conscious. Website building and hosting may take up a large portion of their budgets. For businesses on a shoestring budget, Webflow offers a flexible range of prices, including a free option. The paid tiers start at just $14 per month. The CMS plan is $23 per month and the Business plan is $39 per month.

Squarespace pricing ranges from $16 per month to $49 per month, making it the more expensive option.

Why Choose Webflow?

Squarespace can be an excellent choice if you are going to be making a one-off website and leaving it at that. If you’re going to be considering scaling, especially if your first site is a success, then we recommend Webflow. With Webflow, you can easily scale your sites for more traffic and more business. It’s also the less expensive option of the two and more customizable.  

Compared to Squarespace, Webflow:

  • Has less expensive tiers
  • Has a lower transaction fee for ecommerce plans
  • Is fully customizable
  • Can be used to create your website from scratch with the help of a team like Belt Creative

Get Started Building a Website Today

Both Squarespace and Webflow offer tools and services for new online businesses, each with a set of features, capabilities, and learning curves. Which website building and hosting service is best for your business? You'll need to consider the purpose of your website and whether or not you plan to scale your business.

Looking at the two options, Squarespace is easier to use for people without any technical skill and coding capabilities. It’s a good option for the absolute beginner. However, Webflow has some features that can’t be beat for those looking to customize their website. Webflow’s SEO tools can also help you get more visibility for your website. If you’re looking for a fully customized website ready to scale with your business, we think Webflow is the best option.

Belt Creative wants to help you get started using Webflow. Most importantly, we’ll help you get your website noticed with SEO and digital marketing so your business can succeed. Get in touch for a consultation today.

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