Webflow Experts Reveal: Why Your Business Needs a Webflow Website

Last updated: Sep 21, 2022
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Webflow Experts Reveal: Why Your Business Needs a Webflow Website

You may have heard about Webflow, a fast-growing website platform that businesses are flocking to in droves.

Webflow provides an online website builder and hosting service that allows businesses to create beautiful, responsive websites without needing any coding experience.

Webflow's popularity is growing at an astonishing rate. Between 2019 to 2022, Webflow managed to more than quadruple its market share.

With the sudden surge in Webflow's popularity, you may be wondering: what is it about Webflow that's making businesses abandon their current website platform?

Well, you're in luck: we're excited to share with you an article featuring insights from Webflow Experts on why businesses should be using Webflow to design and build their websites.

We asked the thriving community of fellow Webflow Experts from all around the world "what is the main reason why businesses should build their website on Webflow?"

Check out the responses below!

16+ Webflow Experts Answer: “what is the main reason why businesses should build their website on Webflow?"

Z1 Digital Studio Logo

Ana Martínez
Z1 Digital Studio
Lead Front-end Developer

Webflow is the most modern way to build reliable, lightning-fast websites. After having built 50+ sites on Webflow we can say it is:

  • Superfast, teams can create content-driven websites without needing to become performance experts.
  • Trusted, the visual editor translates the design into clean and semantic HTML5 and CSS3 code ready to publish to the web.
  • Flexible, the CMS eases the management of a beautifully structured database to integrate content anywhere on the website.
  • Secure, Webflow provides the fastest and most scalable hosting technology, plus an entire website management platform.

And if that wasn't enough, it has more and more SEO and accessibility tools that make our lives easier!

Photo of Linsey Peterson

Linsey Peterson
Linsey Peterson Design

Brand & Digital Designer

Webflow allows clients maximum flexibility to create a website that's completely unique but also convenient.

Oftentimes a fully custom website design and build is expensive and just unattainable for a new company, which leaves them using a stale, boring website template leaving their brand feeling generic and lifeless online.

Webflow allows for complete flexibility in designing a site and allows them to work directly with a designer which minimizes costs and build time. And it's fully editable and so easy to use for making minor updates and changes to copy and images.

As firstly a brand designer, Webflow allows me to bring a brand to life with a totally unique website without the usual costs of a website build.

Photo of Emmett Armstrong

Emmett Armstrong
OnRamp Data


If you're sick of being limited by WordPress templates or pre-built Squarespace themes, look no further. Webflow is the best-in-class tool for a pixel-perfect website. You'll have a website that looks great AND is easy to edit.

No more asking a developer to fix a simple spelling mistake.

Roelu Logo

Lukáš Horváth

Web designer & Webflow developer

There are a few reasons why businesses should have a Webflow website. First of all, you can take control of your website. Webflow enables your marketing and design teams to manage the site themselves and make updates within minutes.

The second reason is that google will love your new website because you can give your SEO a boost with fine-level controls over meta tags, markup, redirects, and indexing rules.

Additionally, Webflow provides reliable, fast, and scalable hosting technology. Webflow also has security built right in and no updates or annoying plugins are required. CMS from Webflow works for everyone and you can do almost anything with it.

And in the end, the best reason to use Webflow is this: you are in good company. Webflow is trusted by leading companies such as Rakuten, Discord, Zendesk, Dell, and more.

Photo of Raj Dobariya

Raj Dobariya

Webflow Developer

  • Responsive for all devices
  • SEO Friendly
  • Pixel Perfect design
  • Animation and Interactions
  • Custom Code Functions
  • CMS Collections
  • E-commerce Facilities
  • Design with Visual Output
Virtumedia Logo

Maciej Kukulka


Businesses need to focus on solving their customers' problems, not on fighting with their website.

Therefore, the website platform must first of all be stable and very secure. In addition, editing content on the site must be simple. All these conditions are met by Webflow by embedding its infrastructure on AWS and providing Editor functions along with a brilliant and powerful CMS.

Hypeless Logo

Bence Csernak


The greatest thing about working with Webflow: now you can finally focus on content, structure, strategy etc. — the things that matter if you want to sell, and convert. You can experiment, make quick changes, personalize, and try new approaches.

The possibilities are endless. Programmatically create 300 different landing pages. See what sticks. Add your ideas anytime. Change overall design and mood in under an hour. No waiting for devs, no pages are static anymore. Think about your site as a forever-changing, limitless organic channel of your brain.

And nobody will tell you while experimenting “Nah, that won’t work” and stop your creativity. The next era is permissionless – no gatekeepers!

Novorium Logo

Faisal Rashid


Webflow is a powerful and versatile web development platform that helps businesses build their websites faster and more efficiently. With its drag-and-drop interface and wide range of features, Webflow makes it easy for businesses to create a professional website that looks great and performs well.

Photo of Jordi García

Jordi García

Unlike other tools and web-builders like WordPress, Webflow allows us to focus on designing high-end digital solutions tailored to the needs of each brand. Without barriers, in an agile, elegant, and top-quality way.

Photo of Mustafa Ozalcin

Mustafa Ozalcin
Rock 'n' Roll CEO


If it's a good fit for the organization functionally and technically (Webflow does have its documented limitations, so currently not ideal for everyone) then Webflow is a no-brainer.

The Webflow Editor is such a strong selling point, it surprises me how little it gets mentioned. It's the first thing I talk about when recommending Webflow. "Anyone can edit and update your website, quickly and easily once it is LIVE."

However, the Webflow Editor would not be what it is, without the combination of the flexibility in (no-code) design that Webflow offers, and its incredibly powerful CMS.

These being what they are, means designers and developers can do just that, which means if design and development are planned and done right, then editing the website can be done by literally anyone.

Photo of Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain
Ali Jamal Design

Full Stack Designer

There are many reasons why designers, developers, and businesses are so excited about Webflow. If I had to describe it in a few sentences, I would say:

The flexibility of Webflow combined with its building speeds makes it one of the best, if not the best, website builders out there. Never before has it been this accessible to come up with new ideas, implement them in a heartbeat, and iterate all you can, until you get it just perfect.

Skorynko Media Group Logo

Dominik Skorynko
Skorynko Media Group

Founder & CEO

Scale & Security is one of the reasons why businesses should use Webflow. Not just the scale of website content and traffic, but Webflow makes it easy to scale the number of people working on a website and improve the experience for the people behind the scenes with quick and easy tools that would take possibly days and expensive developers to update features.

Security is something you can't take lightly, especially online, since threats are coming from all over the world, but Webflow makes it easy with their backend and security team keeping your website safe.

AmarasMarketing Logo

Aramas Schmitter


For the first time, the border between creative websites and ease of use is getting lifted by Webflow, making it possible to create websites that captivate visitors and are still easy to use for Clients.

With Webflow you can pack every single content piece of the website into a collection intended for this purpose, which you as the end customer can easily adapt.

This doesn't just mean that you can change text or images in seconds, it goes much further than that. Webflow enables the most creative and fascinating content that would otherwise have taken hours for a developer - to be easily customized by yourself.

Finerfox Logo

James Pearce

Creative Director

Most of our business clients choose Webflow for the speed, agility, and power it offers them as they grow and their needs inevitably change.

With a robust Webflow foundation, marketing and design teams are empowered to focus on what they do best, while their website does all the heavy lifting.

Photo of Michael G. Bowen

G. Michael Bowen
Web Designer
& Digital Marketer

Webflow is a fantastic tool for businesses that are ready to level up. Here are three reasons Webflow is a great choice for your business.

1. Better control to make your website mobile responsive: Webflow provides superior control over how your website looks on different devices. With more than 50% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices in 2022, having a mobile responsive website is key to a successful online business strategy.

2. Better visibility with native SEO tools: Webflow's powerful SEO capabilities allow businesses to optimize their websites so they are easy to find in search engines.

3. Easier web management for smoother updates: Webflow’s easy-to-use client editor, when combined with the powerful Webflow CMS (content management system) makes updates to the website quick, simple, and intuitive, so you can focus on what matters - growing your business.

Photo of Collin Belt

Collin Belt
Belt Creative

Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist

Webflow is the best website development platform for businesses of all sizes. Its built-in responsive design capabilities, native SEO tools, and easy-to-use client editor make it the perfect platform for businesses who want to grow online.

With Webflow, you have pixel-perfect control over how your website looks on all screen sizes, making it easier to create a fully custom and optimized website. Webflow's SEO capabilities also allow businesses to optimize their websites so they appear higher in search engine results — making it easier for potential customers to find you. And Webflow's easy-to-use client editor makes updates quick, simple, and easy no matter your technical skill level — so you can focus on running your business.

If you're looking for a website platform that will help you design a beautiful, highly secure website quickly, Webflow is the answer.

Insights from the Webflow Experts: why your business needs a Webflow website

The experts we contacted had a lot to say about the many reasons why Webflow is the best website platform for businesses today, and here were some of the most common trends that we saw in the answers.

High-end design capabilities

Webflow's design flexibility is one of its most appealing features. With Webflow, you have full control over how your website looks on every device, making it easier to create a unique experience for your audience. You no longer need to choose between creative website design and ease of use: it's now possible to create websites that captivate visitors and are still easy to keep up to date.

Site speed and security

Webflow offers dependable, quick, and scalable hosting. Webflow also has security built-in and does not require any updates or pesky plugins.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Webflow allows businesses to optimize their websites so they appear higher in search engine results right out of the box (no plugins required, unlike WordPress). This makes it easier for potential customers to find your business.

Easy-to-Use Webflow Editor

Webflow's easy-to-use client editor makes updates quick, simple, and easy no matter your technical skill level.

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