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It’s time to migrate your website to Webflow, but you’re not an expert in site migrations. You want to ensure your site is migrated correctly and your SEO value is protected. Our team of Webflow migration experts has you covered.

Migrate My Website

Looking at a Webflow migration? We've got you covered.

The team at Belt Creative has decades of combined experience designing, building, and marketing websites using various platforms. This platform continues to provide incredible benefits for marketing teams, so we understand why you want to migrate to Webflow.

Here's what you need to consider as you move forward with your migration:

Migrations Can Be Tricky

Migrating from one type of website to another can be tricky, not just from a design perspective but from a link and structure perspective. Don’t worry; our team at Belt Creative knows the hurdles to watch out for and how to address them when they arise.

Your SEO Is Valuable

Your website has been building SEO value from the day you launched it. However, when your Webflow migration isn’t done correctly, broken links, too many redirects, and other factors could cause your rankings in search engines to fall significantly. Our team understands the importance of SEO and knows what to do to protect your rankings throughout and beyond your site migration.

Bringing Your Team Up to Speed

Your team has been working with the same platform for quite some time. So, when you introduce Webflow, it’s important to do so while educating them on how to use the platform. As a certified Webflow Expert Agency, we can provide Webflow team training with your Webflow migration.

We Make Webflow Migrations Painless

Whether you want to migrate a WordPress site or any other platform to Webflow, the team at Belt Creative is here to help. You're in good hands with us, since we literally wrote the guide on how to migrate to Webflow.

Here’s how we make the process painless.

Understanding Your Needs

The process starts with a quick conversation that allows us to learn more about what you’re looking for. We’re happy to migrate your website as is or make any changes you’d like to see during the Webflow migration.

Webflow Migration Plan

Our team of experts handles every aspect of your migration to Webflow. From preparing your old website, to exporting your content, to planning your new site structure and SEO, we've got it covered.

Open Lines of Communication

We keep the lines of communication open every step of the way; you’ll never wonder where we are in the process.

Webflow Team Training

When your Webflow migration is complete, we’ll train your team on the new platform to flatten out the learning curve.

We know that the more time you spend migrating to Webflow, the less time you have to grow your business. When you work with Belt Creative for your Webflow migration, you’ll have the time to focus on more critical areas of growth.

We can migrate your website to Webflow from any of these platforms.

Webflow Migrations FAQ

Chances are you’ll have at least a few questions any time you’re interested in making a change in your business. Migrating your website to Webflow is no different. Find the answers to the most common questions about Webflow migrations below.

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Why Migrate to Webflow?

There are several reasons you may consider migrating your website to Webflow:

  • Security: Webflow websites come with enterprise-grade security. At the same time, they’re hosted on the AWS platform, one of the most heavily secured hosting providers available today. Finally, Webflow doesn’t use plugins like those on WordPress. Plugins often leave websites vulnerable to hacks.
  • Ease of Use: Webflow makes it easy to streamline your design across your website without using plugins. No more back and forth with engineering or a team of developers to make simple changes to your website.
  • Easier Optimization: Webflow makes on-page SEO easier to implement than just about any other platform. It's the reason why we wholeheartedly recommend Webflow as the best platform for SEO today.
Is WordPress or Webflow Better for SEO?

WordPress websites require you to use plugins to improve your on-page SEO. Although these plugins can be effective, they’re often confusing and may leave your website vulnerable to hacks.

Webflow websites make on-page SEO simple without the need for plugins. The on-page SEO options are simple, straightforward, and highly effective, making Webflow the better option.

How Long Does it Take to Migrate a Website to Webflow?

The time it takes to migrate a website to Webflow depends on several factors. Some of those factors include the platform the site is being migrated from, whether there are any design changes expected during the migration and the website's size. Nonetheless, the average time to recreate a website in Webflow is about four weeks.

Start Your Website Migration Today

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