Are Google Ads Right for Your Business? Key Considerations To Make

Last updated: Sep 28, 2023
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Are Google Ads Right for Your Business? Key Considerations To Make

Mastering ad optimization in an increasingly-complicated digital environment is easier using a tool like Google Ads. Google Ads can help you draft and optimize ad campaigns for your products and services. Used effectively, it can help you increase your business's reach and conversion rate in no time.

Which Businesses Benefit the Most From Google Ads

Given today's ever-changing digital landscape, almost every business benefits from online advertising. A tool like Google Ads can complement your existing marketing strategy by giving you additional insights into your audience’s motivations.

Businesses in competitive industries and with clear customer intent can specifically use Google Ads to differentiate their ads from their competitors. Similarly, Google Ads makes it easier for marketers to narrow their ad campaigns and reach a specific audience.

Seasonal businesses can also use seasonal keywords — ranging from the names of holidays to mentions of popular seasonal products — to appear higher on their relevant search engine results pages (SERPs).

What's more, Google Ads' internal flexibility makes it easy for businesses across all industries to experiment until they find the advertising strategy that best suits a particular product, sale, or service. Every business can A/B test its upcoming ad campaign to see which variation of an ad performs best compared to its competitors.

Key Budgeting Considerations for Google Ads

When asking yourself how much your business should spend on a Google Ads campaign, consider the size of your business, the competition you face, and your long-term goals. If you don't have many competitors, you may not have to invest in the same kind of budget a business in a cut-throat industry might. Comparatively, companies in high-demand, high-supply fields may have to increase their marketing budgets to better stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Moreover, you must consider how your industry and location may impact the cost of running your ads through Google Ads.

In 2022, Search Engine Journal determined that the average cost-per-click of ads in some of today's biggest industries breaks down as follows:

  • Arts and entertainment - $1.60
  • Attorneys and legal - $8.67
  • Business services - $4.90
  • Dentists - $6.49
  • Personal services - $3.46
  • Real estate - $1.40
  • Sports and recreation - $1.73

With these costs in mind, you'll want to revisit ad campaigns even after they go live. The cost-per-click (CPC) of an ad can fluctuate from day to day. If you want to maximize your ad's return on investment (ROI), you need to keep tweaking it to reach your desired audience more effectively.

Unfortunately, the cost of running an ad through Google Ads can make "setting and forgetting" an ad campaign financially risky. The cost of every click-per-ad will vary from business to business and industry to industry. Still, if you're not tracking an ad campaign, you may find its related expenses rapidly spiraling out of your control.

As such, make sure you either set an ad's end date ahead of time or have someone from your marketing team close out a campaign if it becomes too costly to maintain. You can also partner with a marketing agency like Belt Creative to ensure your marketing campaign remains optimized.

Maximizing Your Google Ads Strategy

To maximize your investment in Google Ads, your team needs to develop outreach strategies that effectively leverage the platform's tools. These strategies can include:

Keyword Research

Keywords and ad copy go hand in hand. If you want your Google Ads to reach your desired audience, research the terms audience members use to navigate search engines. Fortunately, several online tools — including Google Ads, Semrush, and Ahrefs — can simplify keyword research.

For example, if you work in commercial real estate and want your ads to reach more people, you can use phrases like the following to attract more consumer attention:

  • Commercial real estate agencies near me
  • Commercial real estate agency near me
  • Best commercial real estate agents
  • Best commercial real estate agent

You want to mix and match your keyword variations to prevent your ad from appearing "keyword stuffed." And don't be afraid to use localized keywords if you have a brick-and-mortar business in need of more foot traffic.

Ad Copy

What is an ad without copy? The copy, or written words included in your ad, is the most effective means you have with which to communicate with your audience. As such, your copy should be compelling and accessible. It's in your best interest to use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to keep your ad's content at a seventh-grade reading level and grammatically correct.

Note that you can write your copy in-house or request help from a copywriting agency, depending on how confident you are in your ability to share your ideas with your audience.

Landing Page Optimization

Your ad campaigns serve as the gateway leading an audience to your website, so the landing page your ad leads an audience to needs to be optimized for their use. This may mean improving your user interface (UI) or shortening the path from an ad to your sales page.

Ongoing Optimization

No ad campaign will be perfect the first time you release it. Even if you A/B test the campaign to your heart's content, you won't know how effective it will be until consumers start interacting with it.

That's why it's important to continually track an ad's performance with Google Ads' analytical tools. You can constantly improve an ad campaign's performance and the performance of future ad campaigns when you have an idea of how consumers will respond to certain forms of advertising.

Work With Professionals To Personalize Your Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads is one of the most valuable digital tools for businesses across all industries. That said, companies wanting to make the most out of a Google Ads campaign must carefully consider their budget and current marketing strategy. A successful marketing campaign requires strategic planning and ongoing optimization, even when it's handled by one of the best outreach tools available today.

Fortunately, you don't have to try and master the ins and outs of Google Ads alone. You can turn to teams like ours for help optimizing an existing Google Ads strategy or building a campaign from the ground up.

Belt Creative's trained professionals are ready to help you get started with Google Ads today.

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