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For UrbanLUX Builders, we successfully redesigned their website in Figma and developed it in Webflow, creating a visually stunning, high-converting platform that is optimized for SEO, effectively showcasing their custom homes, engaging potential clients, and performing well in Google search results.
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Project Goal

The goal for the UrbanLUX Builders project was to completely redesign their website in Figma and develop it in Webflow, creating a visually stunning, high-converting, SEO optimized platform that effectively showcases their custom homes and performs well in Google search results.

UrbanLUX Builders, a premier custom home builder, partnered with us at Belt Creative for a complete website redesign. Our mission was to create a stunning, high-converting website that performs well in Google search results.

The Challenge

UrbanLUX Builders needed a website that would effectively showcase their custom homes and engage potential clients. They needed a website that was visually appealing, high-converting, and optimized for search engines to effectively reach and engage their audience.

The Solution

We completely redesigned their website in Figma and developed it in Webflow. We also revamped their content and performed extensive Search Engine Optimization. Our focus was on creating a website that was not only visually stunning but also high-converting and optimized for SEO.

The Results

The new website is visually stunning, high-converting, and performs well in Google search results. UrbanLUX Builders can now showcase their custom homes more effectively, engage potential clients, and drive new leads. The website supports their mission of building premier custom homes.

Our collaboration with UrbanLUX Builders showcases how Belt Creative can transform a website into a powerful tool for showcasing products and engaging potential clients. By redesigning their website and optimizing it for search engines, we were able to provide a platform that supports their mission and drives new leads. This case study underscores our dedication to understanding and addressing our clients' unique challenges, and our ability to deliver solutions that truly make a difference.

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What They Said About Us

Everyone has been great to work with. For the most part expectations have been very clear and you have been a stress relief and 180 degree difference from the last agency I worked with.

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